Senior Competition Information Spring 2018

Last Updated: Thursday 30th August 2018

Divisions Available

  • Mens Open - No age restrictions on players (16ys or older).

  • Mixed Open - No age restrictions on players (16yrs or older), Maximum 4 Male players on the field at once. Any number of Female players to make up a team of 8.

General Information 

  • For Spring we will be playing at 2 new venues;

    • Kooringa Reserve at Raby.

    • Leppington Oval at Leppington.

    • Click Here for a Map & Directions to each venue.

  • The Spring 2018 competition will run over 14 weeks, made up of a 12 Week Round Robin plus 2 Weeks of Finals.

  • The first 5 rounds will be run ungraded, with teams then placed into separate divisions of 8 (subject to numbers) and will play the last  7 rounds in those divisions, playing each other once.

  • The top 4 teams at the end of the Round Robin progress to a 2 week sudden death finals series (1 plays 4, 2 plays 3 with winners playing in the Grand Final).

  • Winners and Runners Up in each division receive prizes.

  • Teams may have a maximum of 8 players on the field at any time in a half field configuration.

  • There is no limit to the number of team members or interchanges.

  • Teams must have at least 10 fully paid team members so they have reserves, with 12 recommended.

  • Players MUST wear approved Tag League Shorts or Tights or cannot take the field. Shorts are available for purchase at $25.00, tights are $30. Some other Tag sports shorts/tights are acceptable, check with the competition manager if you are unsure yours comply.

  • Teams MUST have an individually numbered shirt of the same colour for each team member by Round 3 of the competition. Numbers must be from 1 to 99 with each team member having a unique number.

  • Shirts can be purchased from Macarthur Tag League or from anywhere.

  • Teams not complying with numbered shirts will not be eligible to take the field.

  • Teams who have individual players without numbered shirts face a match point penalty for each person not complying.

  • Games consist of 2 x 20 minute halves, with a 2 minute half time break.

  • Teams receive points for each game; Win-3, Draw-2, Loss-1, Forfeit (with notification)-1, NoShow or Penalty-0.

  • Position on table is based on points, with goals "for & against" used where there is a draw, Goals "for" if tied.


  • Each division will play for a Cash Prize Pool of $500, $300 for the winning team, $200 for the runners up.

  • A catered Grand Finals presentation will be provided for all participating teams.

  • The winners in the top division will also receive their choice of Custom Premiers Merchandise (eg. Custom Shorts or Shirts), or alternative of an equivalent value.

Player Eligibility 

  • All participants must be at least 16 years of age in the 2018 calendar year. 

  • All participants must be registered on a team and be paid up before they can compete in the Macarthur Competition.

  • Registration cost in the Macarthur Spring 2018 Senior Competition is as follows;
  Macarthur Spring 2018 Competition Fees
  Venue Kooringa Reserve Leppington Oval
  Day Monday Thursday
  Mens Open $ 80 $ 80
  Mixed Open $ 80 $ 80
  Special Offers
  A 20% discount applies for registration in any ADDITIONAL team/s in the Castle Hill Tag League competition on a DIFFERENT week night. eg. Pay full registration for the team you play with on Monday, get 20% off the second team you play with on Tuesday.
  A 20% discount applies for registration in any team/s if playing in any other Tag League Competition in any other location playing on a DIFFERENT week night.
  A FULL REFUND of Fees on a pro-rata basis for any games missed by players participating in multiple teams on the same night in the Macarthur Tag League competition due to overlapping game times. Players must notify Macarthur Tag League in writing on their registration forms of the cross over. Refunds will be calculated after Round 5, with all claims to be submitted by Round 10.
  • Prices are per person for the full season, there are no additional costs beyond shorts and shirts.

  • Each Team must have 10 fully paid up members as a minimum, 12 or more is recommended.

  • All participants must sign on prior to taking the field and comply with sign on guidelines.

  • Teams cannot use unregistered players otherwise known as "Ring In's" to play in their team for any reason.

  • A team short of players ie. less than 8 in any given week of the competition can use a registered player from another team in the competition to "Fill In". A maximum of 3 "Fill In's" can be used in any game, and they cannot be used as reserves for substitution during a game. A point penalty is applied for each fill in that takes the field for a team.

  • Teams need to advise the competition convenor or supervisor that they propose to use a "Fill In" and the match referee & opposing team captain also needs to be advised. 

  • Any player used as a "Fill In" must sign on for that team for that game.

  • A team cannot consistently use "Fill In's" ie. more than 3 games in the season.

  • A Fill In is not entitled to participate in any prize should the team they Filled In for win a prize.

  • Teams found to be using a Ring In will forfeit any match points for that Round with winning points awarded to the opposing team.

  • Teams who are in breach of guidelines on more than 1 occasion will be suspended for 1 or more games, with teams who are found to be repeat offenders being disqualified from the competition.

Sign On

  • It is a condition of entry to the competition that ALL players MUST sign on prior to taking the field. This is a requirement for insurance coverage.

  • Players who do not sign on, are injured, and attempt to claim on insurance, WILL HAVE THEIR CLAIM DENIED.

  • Players must only sign on for themselves, not for anyone else. Signatures will be cross checked for consistency.

  • Players must sign in full, not just using initials.

  • Players cannot sign on using someone elses name. If they are 'Filling In" for a team, they need to write their own name on a separate line on the sign on sheets and sign on that line for the week that they played.

  • Players are required to present a Photo ID for sign on. This must be supplied or they cannot take the field.

  • Anyone found to be playing for a team without sign on may cause that team to face a match point penalty, suspension or disqualification if they are found to be ineligible to play.

Scheduling of Games - Kooringa Reserve, Raby

  • Men's Open games will be played between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on Monday evenings (unless rescheduled).

  • Mixed Open games will be played between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on Monday evenings (unless rescheduled).

  • The draw is published in advance, with game times varying by week.

  • Teams may specify if they wish to play early or late, early games being scheduled for 6.30pm or 7.15pm, late games being scheduled for 8.00pm or 8.45pm.

  • No games will be scheduled on public holidays.

Scheduling of Games - Leppington Oval, Leppington

  • Men's Open games will be played between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on Thursday evenings (unless rescheduled).

  • Mixed Open games will be played between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on Thursday evenings (unless rescheduled).

  • The draw is published in advance, with game times varying by week.

  • Teams may specify if they wish to play early or late, early games being scheduled for 6.30pm or 7.15pm, late games being scheduled for 8.00pm or 8.45pm.

Wet Weather
  • It is the policy of Macarthur Tag League to play all scheduled rounds of the competition, with games rescheduled if they cannot be played on their assigned date for any reason, usually the result of wet weather.

  • For the Winter 2018 Season there will be provision for 4 wet weather replay rounds.

  • More wet weather replacement rounds will be scheduled if required and if grounds can be secured.

  • Ground closure is determined by Campbelltown or Camden Council based on conditions.

  • Final assessment on ground suitability for play lies with Macarthur Tag League, who will inspect grounds prior to play to determine if they are safe for play and / or if excessive damage to the playing surface is a risk.

Macarthur Tag League Senior Competition

Spring 2018 Competition Calendar

 Venue Kooringa Reserve, Raby Leppington Oval, Leppington
 Day of Week  Monday Thursday
 Game Time (40 Min) 6.30pm to 9.30pm 6.30pm to 9.30pm
 Divisions  Mens, Mixed Mens, Mixed
 Registration Night 1 Monday 17th September 2018, 5-8pm, Kooringa Reserve, Raby
 Registration Night 2  Thursday 20th September 2018, 5-8pm, Leppington Oval, Leppington
 Round 1  Monday 24th September 2018  Thursday 27th September 2018
 Round 2  Monday 8th October 2018  Thursday 4th October 2018
 Round 3  Monday 15th October 2018  Thursday 11th October 2018
 Round 4  Monday 22nd October 2018  Thursday 18th October 2018
 Round 5  Monday 29th October 2018  Thursday 25th October 2018
 Round 6  Monday 5th November 2018  Thursday 1st November 2018
 Round 7  Monday 12th November 2018  Thursday 8th November 2018
 Round 8  Monday 19th November 2018  Thursday 15th November 2018
 Round 9  Monday 26th November 2018  Thursday 22nd November 2018
 Round 10  Monday 3rd December 2018  Thursday 29th November 2018
 Round 11  Monday 10th December 2018  Thursday 6th December 2018
 Round 12  Monday 17th December 2018  Thursday 13th December 2018
 Semi Final  Monday 14th January 2019  Thursday 17th January 2019
 Grand Final  Monday 21st January 2019  Thursday 24th January 2019
 Contingency 1*  Monday 28th January 2019  Thursday 31st January 2019
 Contingency 2*  Monday 4th February 2019  Thursday 7th February 2019
 Contingency 3*  Monday 11th February 2019  Thursday 14th February 2019
 Contingency 4*  Monday 18th February 2019  Thursday 21st February 2019

* Wet Weather replacement rounds.